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I got my very first bit of feedback! Actually I got the same feedback from two different, but very reliable sources. The first is fellow blogger, Shaheen Peerbhai. She’s got an amazing food blog called ‘the purple foodie‘. In fact it was her blog that inspired me to start ‘the pink stitch’. It was, I most confess, a blatant ‘monkey see, monkey do’ moment. I saw, I liked, I copied! The second, was my long-standing friend Barbara. Barbara is a bio-chemistry PhD, and a very no-nonsense kind of person. So between the two of them, this piece of feedback is worth publishing! It was, in brief, be more explicit! “Document the process of working more rigorously so other people can understand how to do it”. Enough said! From now on, documentation galore! That said, this next piece was made before I got the helpful feedback, so it is very light on the documentation. But from here on in…I solemly swear to document!

Back to the piece. For my final couple of classes we were told to make a pillow. Now I have many pillows, too many, and no one I knew needed one pillow. But my sister’s daughter Layla, was in the market for a blanket. So pillow brief turned into blanket brief. I bought the Halihali print from Marimekko (for the front of the blanket) and coupled it with a pink and white striped fabric from John Lewis (for the back of the blanket). For the blanket opening, I used large purple buttons (also from John Lewis) and used a special sewing machine attachment for the button holes. This attachment is a very nifty piece of machinery, you simply click in on beside the needle, measure your button, and the machine does the rest.

A word of caution, there is a limit to the size of the buttons you can use. I originally found these great 5cm purple buttons, that were too big for the attachment, so I had to switch to a smaller 3cm purple button. Still good, but it missed some of the pizazz of the bigger buttons. Here are some photos of the final product.